Nail Art Chocolat Easter Bunnies design

Hi everyone,

The second and I am sorry to say the last Nail Art design for Easter, the third one isn’t going to make it on time helas, is for all the bunny and chocolat lovers among us 😉 With this Nail Art design, I managed for the first time to make Stamping Decals. And I also run into some obstacles I will gladly share with you. I thought I was smart to use a Gel Like Top Coat, like Essence Better Than Gel or Essence XXL Gel Top Coat. These top coats are perfect as top coats over Stamping designs since they don’t smudge your stamp, like many quick dry top coats do. But helas those gel like top coats are not so suitable for making decals. When you put them on your nails and finish with your normal top coat, Insta Dri in my case, it doesn’t “dissolve” very well like regular polishes do and the edges of the decal look more like a those of a nail sticker. So next time I will try a clear polish instead. We only learn by making misstakes 😉 So even though there is room for improvement I still think it is a cute nail art design 😉 The white bunny on the ringvinger didn’t want his picture taken ;p because I made many pictures but I could not get a good shot of it. This was the best I got. All I used and directions on how to, you find below the pictures.

  • Color Booster Base Coat from Essence
  • Catrice LE Nude Purism C02 Barely Pink, 2 layers on all fingers except your ringfinger
  • W7 Tinkerbell 177, 1 layer on all fingers except your ringfinger
  • Catrice 570 Beavis and Mudhead, 2 layers on your ringfinger
  • Essence the Gel 06 Space Queen, 1 thin layer on your ringfinger
  • Making the decal for your ringfinger:
  • – Plate HK01 leave the image on your stamper envery carefully remove the outer “ring” with a piece of regular tape, you can find this plate at the AliExpress here
  • – Stamping polish Konad white
  • – Let dry en coat with a NON quick dry top coat or a clear polish, the polish should be not too thick and not too thin.
  • – Let it dry
  • – Color the image  with Catrice LE Nude Purism C02 Barely Pink, I did this with my smallest dotting tool by placing small dots. You have to be gentle and use enough polish otherwise you will pull up the stamp image and ruin it
  • – Let dry completely
  • Making the decals for your other nails:
  • – Plate ♡ 01, you can find it at the AliExpress here, I could not find them from the seller I bought them from
  • – Stamping polish Konad white
  • – The Image is colored in with Catrice 570 Beavis and Mudhead
  • – Use the same method I described above for the other decal
  • When the decals are done first loossen them from your stamper by using a wooden cuticle stick, rosewood stick, and gently take them off your stamper with some tweezers
  • Cut them a bit to size and place them on your nails pressing them softly with the top of your finger or a silicon or rubber cuticle pusher
  • When the decal is in place put your normally used top coat over it to finish off, I used Insta-Dri from Sally Hansen
  • On top of the decal on the ringfinger I placed a little flower sticker and topped it off with another layer of top coat

Wishing you lots of fun with this nail art design en enjoy the Easter holidays, thank you for reading 🙂

Nail Art Easter design Double Ombre in Purple shades

Dear readers,

It has been quiet again but I am afraid this will happen regularly whenever my personal life takes up all my energy. I have to accept that I don’t have the energy to keep up my blog as much as I want otherwise the pressure I put upon myself will make me loose the joy of it. So it is what it is. But for now I am here and bringing you the first Easter design. It is a neutral design for the ones that want their nails in an Easter tone without bunnies, chicken and/or Easter eggs. No worries they will come too 😉 I have choosen a design in Purple shades in a double Ombre style, Ombre is the same shade from light to dark or from dark to light. On top of that I used a silver holographic polish and finished with a Stamping decor. I am using my “helping” hand at the moment because it is easier for me to work on a design, I can stop or continue when is best for me. So might you think that it is not a real hand than you are absolutely right ;D

I hope you will enjoy the Nail Art or get inspired by it, have fun 🙂 Below the pictures you find the list of things I used and how.

  • Color Booster Base Coat from Essence
  • From light to dark, all 2 layers:
  • – Catrice LE Kaviar Gauche C01 Love Me Tender
  • – Rimmel London 60 seconds 410 I Lilac You
  • – Rimmel London 558 Go WilD-er-ness
  • – Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer 64 It’s Time for Lovender
  • – Catrice Ultimate Lacquer 65 Be my Violentine
  • Diagonally polish the Ombre in the other direction, the middle finger stays one color. You can use tape or do it by hand.
  • Orly Prisma Gloss Silver 40709 on all nails
  • Except your middle finger the rest is Stamped with:
  • – Konad Stamping polish White
  • – Plate E, mine is purchased from the AliExpress and you can find it here
  • Middle finger is Stamped:
  • – Konad Stamping polish White
  • – Plate Floral BPX-L017 van Born Pretty, also from the AliExpress and you can find this one here
  • Top coat Insta-Dry van Sally Hansen

Thank you for reading 🙂

New Categories in my favorite YouTubers list

Dear readers,

On my list of favorite YouTubers I have added two new categories. Making your own Nail Art Decals is a very handy and fun way to create even more ways to decorate your nails. Also is it a very easy way to do your non dominant hand. Drawn yourself, using Stamping or pictures from a magazine it is all possible to make decals. The tutorials or DIY’s are divided by Stamping Decals and everything else. I am so amazed by the creativity and inventivety of so many people. People who are also kind enough to put it out on the internet for people like myself 😉 who don’t come up with these ideas, and they also show you how it is done. The possibilities are endless, so enjoy watching and trying them out 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂

The site a bug and I a virus

Dear readers,

It’s a bit of a ….  the site got a bug and I got a nasty virus, that’s why it has been quiet from me for two weeks allready. I hate that time keeps going fast even when you’re sick bah. The bug at the site has been resolved but the virus I got is much more strongheaded and I’m not back to normal yet 🙁 The site is based on WordPress and there was an update, like many times. Normally after an update everything works as it should, but not this time. My visual editor, that is what I write my posts with, didn’t work anymore and all I was left with was a text editor that works with html. I have zero knowledge of html so I had to look for help. First I posted on the Dutch Worpress forum, but helas no replies. Than after a view days I posted also on the Englisch Worpress forum, but again no replies *poop* not nice. Luckely I did come across a post from someone with another problem who cloned her website to look for the problem. That way your original site stays safe and in tact, things can go wrong so much faster than you think. So I did clone the site and tried various things out and suddenly, to my surprise, I got it fixed. Than I tried it on the original site and there was my good old editor again Yeah, well done Jo 🙂 Now if only my virus could be fixed so “easily” but I am afraid I just have to wait and take my chickensoup 😉 When I feel up to it I am roaming the internet for some inspiration on Easter designs, so stay tuned 🙂

Thank you for reading 🙂

Nail Art Stamping design Black Cat on pink dots

This time I have for you a super fun and cheerfull Nail Art for every one that loves cats 🙂 It is another Double Stamping technique, one stamp over another stamping pattern. The design is in sunny colors that, hopefully, bring us a little closer to spring 😉 I hope you like this Nail Art or get inspired by it. Below the picture you find the list of things I used. Natasja many thanks to you sweetie, for being my nail model again *hugs*

This is what I have used

– Base Coat of your choice
– NYC strip me off base coat, to protect the skin around the nails, not as base coat
– Sinful Colors 101 Snow me White, 2 layers
– Mundo de Unas, stamping polish Barbie for the pink dots
– Stamping plate BP-L013
– Sinful Colors 103 Black on Black for stamping the cats
– Stamping plate BP-03 the plate with the image of the cat, this is a small round plate
– On the thumb is a little black rhinestone next to the cat
– Insta-Dri Top coat from Sally Hansen

Thanks for reading 🙂